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About Us


Our story began with an itch and it was scratched! Behind the BUZZ

Hi, I'm Lisa Jean Walsh, AKA Muffy, Mom and Founder of the BUZZ. After moving our family to Charleston from NYC in 2019, I quickly realized how ubiquitous the insects are down south! Finding that both of my young boys are allergic to mosquito bites that resulted in oozing, swollen sores, and days of itchy unhappy skin and kids, I was determined to create products that could protect + hydrate the skin while repelling the insects in a luxurious & effective way.  I did not want to use DEET on my children's skin, nor did I want to on my own aging skin. 

 I set off to develop all our products LOCALLY. I wanted MORE from every protect, combining beauty and innovation. I wanted and created dual purpose, highly effective and functioning MULTI-tasking products that’s powered for the PEOPLE and SAFE for the planet and on the skin. 

In the process I began developing natural, luxury perfumes that multi-task and dub as an insect repellent. To save on time and energy, I wanted to streamline our daily skincare routine with hydrating, or great smelling easy products that also repel insects. Multi- use products that so more, take less time, and reducing our carbon footprint. Use less with products that do more!

Our relaunch ( formally 'Bite-Me Bug Free')  has been exciting and full of discovery. As we choose to keep things local, we've teamed up with the South Carolina Native Plant Society to learn about the plants in SC and the wonderful attributes they obtain: skin healing, anti-inflammatory, repelling, and anti-itch. We will be integrating these local plants extracts into our new products.

We promise to stick to our roots, using only the best, high-quality, planet-friendly ingredients to effectively protect you and the ones you love. Stick with us on our BUZZY journey. 

-Lisa Jean Walsh
lisa jean walsh and family charleston the BUZZ skin

Fragrance with FUNCTION. Rethink your BEAUTY routine.  Multi-Tasking, beauty products that protect and repel insects.The BUZZ mission is Protecting Beauty + Driving Sustainability.  Explore our modern multi-tasking performance products.  Luxurious insect repellents, harnessing the power of nature.