As new moms, we understand the desire to have the flexibility of dropping your kids off at school and seeing them when they come home. We don't ever want to work in a crazy office setting where we miss out on the important stuff and our health suffers due to stress. 

At Bite Me Bug Free our goal is to empower women and men to have work that they can control, to have their own income and to have a sense of pride. By JOINING OUR COLONY, we are offering affiliates a way to make money by promoting a great cause.

Join the BITE ME BUG FREE colony and know that your contribution has a bigger impact that just you!

  • Receive 15% commission on all products that you sell.
  • Receive a 10% discount on products you order for yourself your immediate family
  • Participate in COLONY talks - where we discuss which charities + causes we choose to support financially, in-kind and in other ways.
  • Voice your thoughts! When we brainstorm new products we want to bring to the market and how we can support each other in our communities and schools.
  • Community: Join us in bi-annual walks, marches and other events to support our community.
  • 10% of all BITE ME BUG FREE sales go towards the various charities that we support (so in effect, any products you sell, also support those charities!)
  • Support small farmers, organic and sustainable farming, Fair Trade and animal cruelty free practices. By supporting farms who embrace these important farming practices we hope that our choices will help to eventually eradicate the use of GMOs and other harmful pesticides and inspire others to farm in a sustainable and ethical way. 
  • Support GMP - know that your work promotes and enables GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES for our company, our suppliers and the factories that we support.




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