What’s in your BAG, newest summer essentials!

What’s in your BAG, newest summer essentials!

🕶️ What's In Your Bag - Summer Edition! 📸

Hey fashionistas! It's time for a peek inside our fabulous bag to uncover the secrets of our on-the-go style. From the essentials to the stylish must-haves, here's what we're carrying to conquer the world with flair:

1. Chic Statement Bag: Every fashionista knows that a show-stopping bag is a must! From a sleek leather tote to a quirky mini backpack, our choice of bag adds that extra oomph to any outfit.  We choose Clare V, Grande FANNY in black. 

2. Stylish LE SPECS Sunglasses: Protecting our eyes from the sun in style is essential. We're rocking the latest shades, whether oversized, cat-eye, or classic aviators – because UV protection never looked so chic!

3. Lipstick Love from RMS, Wild with desire,  pop of color on our lips can transform our look instantly. We never leave home without our signature lipstick shade, perfect for touch-ups and adding that confidence boost.

4. Glamorous Gadgets: Who said gadgets can't be fashionable? Our IPHONES adorned with stylish cases and trendy tech accessories are both functional and fabulous.

5. Trendy Wallet: Organizing our cards and cash is no longer a chore with our trendy wallets in the season's hottest colors and patterns. Who knew financial responsibility could look this good?

6. On-the-Go Makeup: A touch-up kit is essential for maintaining that flawless look throughout the day. We've got our favorite concealer, mascara, and blush ready for quick beauty fixes.

7. Designer Perfume, THE BUZZ CHARLESTON, Our signature scent is the ultimate accessory, leaving a trail of elegance wherever we go. A spritz of our designer perfume elevates our style game instantly.

8. Fashionable Notebook: Inspiration can strike anywhere, so we carry a stylish notebook to jot down our creative ideas, sketches, and fashion dreams.

9. Hair Heroes: Our secret to maintaining fabulous locks on the go? Hair ties, clips, and a cute compact mirror for those impromptu touch-ups.

10. Confidence Booster: Last but not least, we carry our biggest fashion statement – confidence! It's the key to owning every look we wear and shining bright in any situation.

Now, tell us, fashionistas, what's in your bag? Share your style essentials and fashion secrets with us! 💃🛍️💄 #WhatsInYourBag #FashionFaves #ConfidentStyle

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