Ultimate Self Care Guide For Valentines

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Valentine's day is the perfect time to spoil yourself with a cozy self care routine filled with our amazing and diverse products!

Kick it off with a Bang

It goes without saying that a self care routine always starts with a deep, relaxing shower. We recommend lighting a candle and turning on your favorite tunes to set a peaceful and mindful intention for your day. After coming out feeling fresh - lather up with our Body Glaze + Repellent. The dual action lightweight body oil will give your skin that perfect level of hydration throughout the day without leaving you feeling greasy. Aromas of Argan oil, Meadowfoam oil and Rosehip oils will also act as the perfect barrier to whatever elements your skin will face.


Out and About

Whether you're spending your day working up a sweat on a scenic hike or sipping cocktails with your girlfriends outside, touch up your skin with the Vacay Parfum + Repellent. This reimagined perfume multi-tasks by repelling insects naturally but also leaving your skin with hints of citrus, jasmine and geranium.


Wind Down

What’s a self care routine without some Love Buzz Self Love Body Oil? Before you cozy up on the couch with your favorite face mask and movie queued up, cap off your relaxing day with our mid weight illuminating body oil that will work to heal your skin as you rest. The Self Love Body Oil will naturally reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and blemishes without you even lifting a finger. Packed with organic jojoba oil and an array of key vitamins, the Self Love Body Oil serves as a sweet ending to your amazing self care day!

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For the love of all things clean, Valentines Edition ❤️💋
For the love of all things clean, Valentines Edition ❤️💋

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