The Impact of Buying Eco Friendly & Clean Skincare Products

The Impact of Buying Eco Friendly & Clean Skincare Products

Now more than ever, eco-friendly skincare products have been all of the rave as green skincare products take over the market. In just this past year, “green products” have increased sales by over 15%, meaning people are eager to support the environment in any way they can. But why is this effort being made? It is shocking to hear that an impressive 70% of greenhouse gasses are produced depending on which products consumers choose to buy. This means that what we purchase has an extreme impact on the well-being of our environment.

One major problem that has been found is that many people say they want to support and buy from sustainable companies, but only half actually pick eco-friendly skincare products when it comes down to it. This is why it is so important to make your words into actions by actively buying products that you know are environmentally friendly.

How do you do this? You can start by checking the certifications these companies hold. This includes seeing if they are cruelty free, organic, fair trade and sustainable. Checking for these certifications will make you certain that the products you choose are what you are looking for. You can also continue by checking the company website about the products. Reading up on where the products are harvested from and informing yourself about the company beliefs will also help you pick a great skincare product. Making eco-friendly purchasing decisions can be a simple yet extremely effective way to do your part in helping our world.  

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