Our Hot Travel Picks for Spring Season

Our Hot Travel Picks for Spring Season

With Spring Break season still in full swing and summer right around the corner - this is the perfect time to revamp your travel goodies just in time for your next vacay. Running around the airport with a bag that barely rolls and your neck pillow flying all over the place is so not-it this time around. 
Let us help spark your refresh with some amazing pieces that will make your travel experience more seamless and stylish. 
Bag It Up
Matching sets are all the talk right now, so why not add one to your travel set? Choosing one shoulder bag and one matching rolling suitcase will simplify your look but also make traveling much more convenient. We love a shoulder bag that especially connects to the handle of the suitcase for easy movement around the airport. 


Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated in the terminal and up in the air will strongly prevent your skin from getting irritated and dry after a long travel day. Add a simple and classy water bottle to your carry on that you can fill up before you take off and throughout the flight. Your skin will thank you later ;)

Freshen Up

Along with hydrating your body, give your face some extra attention by packing a compact but effective mask that you can lather on mid flight. You can leave the mask on for as long as you want and wipe it off with a damp towel before landing. 

Shut Eye

No one wants to kick off their trip with red eyes and a headache due to lack of sleep. Although planes aren’t the comfiest places to get some shut eye, having a silky sleep mask might help.

Touch Up

Last but not least, spritz on our VACAY Perfume and Repellant to add a subtle yet fresh touch before meeting with your loved ones or continuing your travel journey.

Let us know if you loved any of our tips by commenting on our Instagram @thebuzzskin! 


Stick with us on our BUZZY journey.

With love from Charleston,

Lisa Jean XO

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