National Women's Small Business Month

National Women's Small Business Month

October is the month of celebrating all of the wonderful women-owned and run businesses. It is a time to recognize and celebrate female entrepreneurs and all of the work and talent they bring to the economy. 

Only 30 years ago, some states still required women to get a male relative to co-sign on business loans. Since then, women-owned businesses have grown to nearly 13 million and counting. According to the 2019 State of Woman-Owned Business, women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs and the number of women-owned businesses is growing at 2.5x the national average. These businesses account for 1.9 trillion dollars annually to the US economy and are essential to job creation. The future is female and supporting female entrepreneurs helps continue the growth and innovation of women led businesses. 

Lisa Jean Walsh, entrepreneur and mom, started her business journey by creating a hydrating bug repellant out of necessity. After her move from NYC to Charleston, SC, she realized just how many pesky bugs there were when her sons would wake up with swollen bug bites and itchy skin. Bug spray is typically made of harsh chemicals that are not safe for children. With this in mind, the concept for the BUZZ was born. Walsh was determined to create a clean and sustainable skincare line that could protect + hydrate the skin while repelling the insects, without harsh chemicals or DEET so it could be safer for her children. 

The BUZZ  is a proudly vertically female-run business. From founding, factory/sourcing (chemists), to partnering with female PR teams with women-run local businesses, all operations are women-led. Walsh thought it was important to keep it local and keep it female to empower other female entrepreneurs who wish to start a company of their own.  She teamed up with the Native Plant Society, in Charleston to learn more about the regional plants and their benefits for skincare. These plant extracts are integrated into all of the BUZZ’s  botanically charged products.  

Not only does Walsh run a successful business, but she also loves to give back to the world. Walsh carries out her mission of women empowerment by raising a set amount of money annually for a local Charleston Breast Cancer awareness fund. With he BUZZ one of her missions includes a focus on sustainability, meaning  all of the products are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free. Additionally, the company donates 1% of all revenue to the planet. 

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