In the Bag: Your Spring Break Beach Bag Essentials

In the Bag: Your Spring Break Beach Bag Essentials

There’s nothing quite like getting some R&R by soaking up the warm sun after a long winter. Until you realize you forgot your sunscreen and feel that burn start to come on, or get swamped by those pesky mosquitos that love to hang by the water. But don’t worry beautiful, we’ve got your back— here is your all-inclusive list of essentials that’ll keep you protected outdoors this spring break. 
SPF application pretty girl in towel
SPF (face, body, & lips!)
By now we all know SPF is a must, but everyone can use a little friendly reminder every  now and then about how vital sun protection is. Super skin tip: don’t forget an spf for your lips! And remember to reapply often <3 
beautiful girl naked holding the BUZZ insect repellent that hydrates and renew skin
The BUZZ Repellent 
Just like sun protection, bug protection should be a no brainer if you truly want to enjoy your time outdoors. I mean nothing kills your vibe more than getting all bit up and itchy while trying to catch some rays.
VACAY fragrance
For when you want a bit more out of your repellent…protect your skin, and smell absolutely delicious while doing it, with our multitasking VACAY perfume + repellent. With top notes of bergamot and lemon, you’ll be smelling like pure sunshine.
Eye protection 
Now that your skin is protected from the sun and bugs, it's time to take care of your eyes. Don’t forget to pack your favorite pair of sunnies, or a chic hat, to keep those beautiful eyes of yours out of harm's way. 
Hair protection
Now this is one that often gets pushed to the wayside. Keep your scalp and your tresses in tip top shape by bringing along a sun protection spray for your hair. This is a great way to prevent dry, dull, and faded looking hair.
love buzz cherry blossom oil
LOVE BUZZ Self Love Body Oil
For when you need a little extra glisten… Get that springtime glow with our multipurpose body oil to keep your skin nourished and hydrated all spring break long.

Stick with us on our Buzzy Journey.

With Love from Charleston,

Lisa Jean XO

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