Getting Outdoors this Spring and Summer

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Everyone knows that spring and summer are amazing times in the year to enjoy spending time outdoors - but this can get a bit challenging with a busy schedule. Whether you are working a full time job, are taking care of your kids, a student or all of the above - finding the time to spend meaningful hours outdoors can be tough. We hope to share a few of our suggestions to get you outside and moving as the weather warms up!
Working out is something that many people take the time to incorporate into their daily or weekly routines. Getting your body moving is a great way to boost endorphins, make you feel better and look stronger. Moving your routine outdoors can be a great way to get that extra vitamin D in the sun. You can do this by simply moving your yoga mat from your living room to your backyard, or taking a run around your neighborhood instead of on the treadmill at the gym. Getting those extra rays of sunshine can lessen that feeling of annoyance when you are stuck all day at home doing work and a great change of scenery. 
Another way to incorporate the outdoors with your daily routine is around lunchtime. Instead of quickly downing that salad and proceeding to the rest of your tasks for the day, take an hour out of your busy day to find a comfortable place to enjoy your meal. Inviting friends or family, whether you work/study at home or in-person, can even better your lunch time. Making the most out of this hour by getting some fresh air and taking a moment to relax with nature can make you feel even more focused when you go back to tackle the rest of your day.
On to the weekend! After a long, hard week most of us love to curl up on the couch with our favorite snacks and show. Although this can be a great way to unwind and truly relax from the hectic week, doing this all weekend can leave you feeling even more tired and sluggish than before. Opt to relax outside these next few months by relaxing in the park with your family, taking your dog on an exciting new trail or inviting your girlfriends out to brunch on a new rooftop terrace. Staying inside can seem like the only option to give you that feeling of true relaxation, but remember that relaxation can be found anywhere. 
We wish you a happy spring and summer season and look forward to seeing you all soaking up those rays!
Stick with us on our BUZZY journey.
With love from Charleston,
Lisa Jean XO

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