the BUZZ

the BUZZ

 Make new friends but keep the old.
Best Friends share secrets.... so here we go. New Name - THE BUZZ / and we are buzzing about being better. From bug spray with benefit to SKINCARE REIMAGINED. 
Bite-Me’ was trademarked ( WAAAhhhhhhhhhhh )  ...long story, money and time and energy wasted,  I call it' Trademark Probs' but now chalk it up to lessons learned. 
Ultimately we made the decision to start fresh - after 2020 I can imagine y’all are with me on a new start  😲 . 
So we decided to partner up with South Carolina Native Plant Society and dig our heels in LOCALLY. We rebranded as the BUZZ, using local (SC + USA) ingredients that actually do repel BETTER. Who would have thought, but it makes sense with that local ingredients would work more effectively on local insect problems ... that is when you are deals with natural ingredients ( NOT CHEMICALS PEOPLE). 
so please stick with us and enjoy the new products. We love feedback and hope we can integrate all your needs as we grow! 
💋Thanks for joining us on our BUZZY journey. #thebuzzskin - Crafted in Charleston, Made for ALL 
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Love the new logo XO. I will keep on buying your great smelling and effective products. Sticking with you BFF


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