In the Bag: What to Pack During Desert Festival Season

In the Bag: What to Pack During Desert Festival Season

Desert festival season is just around the corner… from Coachella to Stagecoach to Burning Man, this time of year is full of outdoor fun like no other. As we all know too well, though, being outside in the heat for hours on end can be tiring and uncomfortable. We want to make sure you can enjoy your outdoor days and nights to the fullest, so we put together a list of all the things you may find yourself in need of to stay refreshed:
This one’s a given— the sun in the desert is no joke. Remember to reapply as directed on the bottle (and even more if you’re sweating!) and bring a separate facial sunscreen to easily reapply over makeup!
Another no-brainer – the desert is full of pesky insects that can easily ruin your festival experience if you come unprepared. Our range of repellents, and perfume + repellents will keep you bite-free naturally, while simultaneously giving your skin the hydration it needs in the dry desert air. 
Body Wipes, Mini-deodorant 
 & Sanitizer

All the desert heat and running around will surely have you feeling like you need a mid-day refresh. Be sure to pack some to-go body wipes, a deodorant to reapply, and hand sanitizer to quickly clean off so you feel a bit more fresh and ready to go.


Oil Blotting Sheets
Same idea as the last one– keep some blotting sheets in your ‘refresh toolkit’ so you have one less thing to worry about.
Sunglasses & Chic Hat
Not only are cute sunnies and a hat essential for your festival outfits, they also keep you cool, comfortable, and protected from those harsh rays.
Refillable Water Bottle & Healthy Snacks
The healthy options at festivals are usually a bit scarce. And while you should definitely indulge in the yummy festival food, you may also find yourself craving something a bit more nutritious during those long days and nights. So keep some water (this is a must!!) and emergency healthy snacks with you so you never end up feeling dehydrated or faint. 
We hope this list of essentials keeps you cool, refreshed, and ready to keep the fun times going all festival season long. 
Stick with us on our BUZZY journey.
With love from Charleston,
Lisa Jean XO

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