Can a perfume repel mosquitos?

Can a perfume repel mosquitos?

CHARLESTON eau de parfum.  

Dual action perfume to Smell Delish + Repel Mosquitos!


A fun fact about me: mosquitoes love me. If you hang around me, they will completely ignore YOU and feast on ME. I am a real attraction to any insect. This happens no matter who I'm with or where I am in the world,  especially in lowcountry CHARLESTON. I am willing to try anything and everything to protect myself from what I believe to be are nature's most annoying insects- the MOSQUITO.  So when I developed this scent, inspired by the real smells of flowers, herbs and gardens in full bloom,  I wanted it to more out of just a simple BUG SPRAY.  This dual action perfume is GREAT at repelling these tiny little monsters and evokes feels of the charming southern city. 

Read up on what makes you a snack! 🦟

What attracts mosquitos? 

Before diving into what to actually use to repel them, we have to understand what attracts mosquitoes to people in the first place — and, unfortunately, the answer isn't entirely straightforward. Mosquitoes use a combination of olfactory cues to find their source of proteins, with the three most important cues being body heat, carbon dioxide, and skin odor, AND that the specific mechanisms that make one person more attractive to mosquitoes than another person are a bit unknown, however we DO know that skin odor and blood type are driving forces for the BITE. 

What the research says: 

The available research indicates that mosquitoes may prefer individuals with blood type O and sometimes A.  However, it’s likely that many other additional factors also play a role in a person’s attractiveness to mosquitoes. 

Carbon dioxide, Body Heat, Color of clothing ( mosquitoes are more attracted to black objects- that you get more mosquito bites if you’re wearing darker colors),  Alcohol Consumption, and Pregnancy. 

Summer: While body odor is uniform to all humans, the exact chemical combination of one's skin odor has a genetic and physiological basis [that likely makes them] more or less attractive to mosquitoes.  Other factors that may make you more attractive to mosquitoes could include whether you are pregnant, blood type, your sweat composition, diet, and alcohol consumption.

So to make life a whole lot easier find an all-natural scent, SPRAY and play without the worry of those tiny but annoying insects. CHARLESTON is a uniquely developed scent that uses plants & essential oils in a more heavily concentrated formula ( PARFUM) to repel and confuse the receptor sites of the mosquito. Did you know that mosquitos are confused by certain scents? That's why we include ingredients like geranium, lavender, rosemary, and citronella to make sure you are NOT getting BUGGED! 🦟🦟

We are the “alternative” to traditional mosquito repellent that uses chemicals to keep bugs away, and the BEST SELLING scent is divine. 🤍 

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